Sample Resume Cover Letter

7534, East 57 Street,
Carlisle, MA 4234,
(332)-223 74320.

Date: 1st April, 2007.

ABC Corporation Ltd,
417, Park Avenue North,
New York, NY 15325-1236

Dear Mr.S.Robin,

The only problem with working at the cutting edge f communications is staying ahead of the blade.

To stay ahead, you need aggressive people willing to take chances. People who are confident, flexible, dedicated. People who want to learn-who are not afraid to ask questions.

I am one of those people – one of the people you should have on your staff. Let me prove it. Start by reading my resume. It shows I can take on any challenge and succeed for you.

But if you’re looking for someone comfortable with covering the same old ground, count me out.

If you want to work at the cutting edge, call me. I won’t get cut.



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