Sample Of Sales Cover Letter

7534, East 57 Street,
Carlisle, MA 4234,
(332)-223 74320.

Date: 1st April, 2007.

ABC Marketing,
417, Park Avenue North,
New York, NY 15325-1236

Dear Mr.S.Robin,

Thanks for you interest in beocming part of ABC marketing communictions department as a communications coordinator. Yes, I agree that as a sales rep, you know what motivates customers to buy our products. I also appreciate your desire to reduce your travel and make the change from personal seling to mass communications.

Unfortuanately, your field sales background has not given you many of the skill this positions requires, including, copywriting, editing, despktop publishing, database marketing, and mailing list selection and analysis. You also don’t have the Interent experience needed; knowledge of Java, Front Page, or HTML is required.

We’ve received applications from several condidate who, in addition to having these requisite skills, have a background in lines of equipment and markets similar to ours. We will probably fill the current opening from these applicants.

Although you are not being selected for this position, I am aware that you wish to change your department and upgrade your level within the company. I encourage yo to do this. Your sales record is good and your appraisal reposrts are positive. I am sure that we can find a position that best matches your experiences, background, and career goals.

Again, I appreciate your interest and ahrd work at SunStar, and good luck in all your future promotions.


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